September 05, 2006

girl cooties

Why is it that whenever you see Mike Arrington on a conference site you can be pretty sure there are no women there?

I mean, it's starting to look DOWN RIGHT WEIRD.

The only thing I can say that doesn't have more profanity attached to it at this late hour of the evening, and my eyes are failing me let alone my brain and potty mouth, is that the tech guys I work with communicate A LOT over IM. I'm wondering if part of the conversations taking place re: these conferences and opportunities are taking place outside of email and hyperlinks... More likely it's a skype line here, "Hey did you see this?" or a passing hello in the hotel lobby of X-random-conference 22, where there are already 408330 web 2.0 dudes hanging out.

So, look, i'm liking at the micro-level here, and I know it, not solving anything, but LADIES, please get on SKYPE, and while you're at it, yahoo IM and AIM - i'm jeneanesessum on skype and jeneanedsessum on yahoo. I hate AIM.


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