September 10, 2006

The wedding, it was so sweet, pickles, they were bad.

The wedding I posted about below came and went, and it was quite beautiful to see two people who went through hell and back still love each other enough to say "I Do" after saying "I Don't." Yeah, I cried. I didn't weep though. So there. George looked so handsome, and Jenna brought along her friend. It was a nice outing. I even talked to live humans who were quite joyous. Color me offline!

Then I came home and ate a bad pickle.

I didn't eat the WHOLE pickle. I just had a bite of it before I figured out it tasted like three-year-old cardboard (which it essentially was), and then spit it out in the sink, except that little pickle seeds stuck to my teeth, and I swallowed some, and since then things have gotten just plain ugly in the bathroom department.

So, anyway, that about covers it.

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