September 12, 2006

Amanda Congdon on Chick Advisor

Who's the vid-chick with the mostest? We know you know the answer, Frank. Put your hand down. (that was your hand, right?)

In today's post about ChickAdvisor (whom I'm advising), Amanda wonders aloud what cafes and dentists have in common when it comes to reviews by women on the new social shopping site out of Toronto. If only she were sharing this with us on video, because I can only imagine what she might be chewing on and drilling simultaneously while asking "wtf?" about dentists:

Chickadvisor is very new, very cute site that reviews women-esque things like handbags and makeup but also goes as far as cafes and dentists (wtf?). Right now, they only cover Toronto... but promise to cover more cities soon. What I like most about the site is the bloggy-ness of the reviews, the woman-to-woman advice factor and the variety of topics.

Amanda, you have to check out my childhood encounter with Dr. Sadist to see why this matters. Repeat after me: "I will NEVER go to a sadistic dentist. I will NEVER go to a sadistic dentist."

<find happy place, find happy place, find happy place>:

i'm sure you're busy bothering unbaptized babies right now, but if not i wanted you to hear some things i didn't get to tell you as a kid. 1) about your big black bulbbed mallet--that wasn't okay hitting me on the head with it every time. 2) it wasn't okay that when Novocain came along you never bothered to use it on us because we were your special circumstance. 3) it was really not okay that you told me all those years that if it hurt, all i had to do was tell you and you would stop, and i sucked it up and got through every filling without any meds plus your pulling my two baby teeth, and the one fucking time it hurt too bad for me to stand I said Stop and you didn't.

You didn't stop you bastard. And i said it again and wriggled and cried, please stop, and you waited until you were done. then you pretended you didn't understand. that made you a piece of shit in my book. you hurt me bad that time. all the other times were only sort of bad.

So for not-so-girly-girl that I am (makeup: only in winter; handbags: often; shoes: how comfy?; business casual: sweats), the ability to review and share and rate and fav health-related services, like local doctors and dentists, and anything else that matters to women (think childcare providers and extended care facilities!) is a major turn on. AND HIGHLY recommended by my therapist after hearing my childhood denthell stories.

Oooo, cool, I should go review my therapist!

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