September 13, 2006

sleep acnea

so i'm laying here doing my favorite thing since the invention of the laptop--in the king-size bed, head on a billow, laptop stretched out in front of me, eyes closed, and I write.

I write about what we are missing here now, the punditization of the web, the loss of the amateur joy, or the replacement of lovingly-glitchy interactions with polished conversation that leaves me wanting.

A week ago, I got called some names by the office 2.0 conference organizer via email - uncivil being one of the names, and violent being the other. Of course people who I LIKE actually would say to me: You are an uncivilized freak, AND you're violent. Because I could say, No I'm Not, and then pass gas and kick their shins to prove them wrong.

The kind of people I DO NOT like, say it in a different way; they reference you in comparison with their high standards: They say, I prefer to have civil exchanges, not ones marred by violence.

Violence? NOTE TO ALL WHO THINK WE MATTER: THESE ARE PIXELS ON A SCREEN. If you want to see violence, we're going to have to get a little bit closer. Sound good little red riding hood?

It's the punditization and the punkization of the net. How many times I have felt like letting some ageism rip: SHUT UP YOU PUNK. But that's not so nice to do. Not Civilized. Remember, being civilized is what differentiates us from the homeless and third-world nations. What kind of bullshit is this 'civilized' mantra?

Okay, so here's a big loud I DON'T LIKE YOU one more time for the Office 2.0 conference organizers. Enjoy the show, everyone else, but I'll be hanging out my less than civil self, picking my cuticles and deciding if that really is Tommy Lee's pubic hair or not.

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