September 10, 2006

Love, not love, and the dynamics of disability.

A wise and tremendous post by Tish, full of so much that rings so true that I am not sure what pieces to show you. Every daughter and mother should read this post. Every paragraph is rich, reaching into my past and present with shocking relevance. Thank you Tish...

There are few days that go by where my mother's pain does not come in to my consciousness--sometimes out of guilt that I am living my own life. Some of this is out of anger--anger that she couldn't be the kind of mother I wanted, anger at my grandmother for being so abusive towards a small helpless child who did not ask to be born, and anger at the secrets that wrapped us in crippling shrouds from which none of us could escape.

...I remember saying that both my life and my sister's were all about this ending, and that neither of us had prepared for a life without our Mother--because my Mother never helped us plan for our own Futures.

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