October 01, 2007

when you care enough...

Been to the dollar store lately? Seen all the Christmas decorations that have been on the shelves since September 11? That's a clue that the holidays are a mere quarter-of-a-year away! No time like the present to start thinking about what gifts to give your beloved Family Of Origin.

Saying, "I love you despite your felony conviction" is easy with Gift Baskets from Gift-Lover.com. There are more than a dozen categories to choose from, and you get free shipping on orders over $150.

Nothing says, "I'm thinking of you on the day of your parole hearing" like a Nut Pack. And the Doctor's Orders basket is just right for Uncle Ted, if you can sneak it past the nosy night nurse at the rehab center.

As with all sponsored ad opportunities, I try to check them out by looking at their sites, but rely on PPP to do that upfront work. I see on the policy page that Gift-Lover offers a 30-day return policy with 100% satisfaction. Hey, that's more than you get from most web 2.0 companies! ;-)

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