October 01, 2007

why am i experimenting with payperpost

1) I want to understand the model.
2) I want to understand the user experience.
3) I want to see if it's possible for us to create our own ad copy, the way we would write it not as per any messaging from the top down, and get paid for it.
4) I want to experiment with online ad models - can Ad Poetry work? has anyone tried? I'm going to.
5) I can.
6) I want to experiment with the A-List culture. How will associating with those whom the Techno Elite have deemed "trash" affect my blog?
7) Does Google care? Will Google punish me?
8) Splogs or Moms earning extra money--which is it?

If I can answer any of these questions for myself, then it will have been worth it. And generating a couple hundred bucks would be nice too.

we'll see...