October 04, 2007

meeting me meeting you grieving

Some people subscribe to feeds for Technorati tags, so that they get quick access to all blogs with, say, the tag of Web 2.0, or Technology, or Atlanta. I do that. Except that the one that I check the most often has nothing to do with blogging or business. It is the tag for 'grief,' because that's the way it should be.

That's where I first found this brave woman's story, began admiring her spirit, her willingness to open up to us in the face of loss so enormous, her will to keep moving keep talking keep showing: this is how much I hurt. The community that has gathered around her, mothers-not-to-be, at least not yet, breathes her pain. The rings of her grief ripple outward, touching so many.

Her seventh pregnancy just ended with the premature delivery of her baby girl, who lived only a couple of hours. It is the seventh in a line of pregnancies that have given reason for hope, but sent her home with no baby in her arms -- and this time once again to the cemetery.

I ache for her.