October 01, 2007

ArringtonMeme - the Leaderboard is Live

Holy Crap It's Sports! The Techmeme Leaderboard is Live, with Mike Arrington in the lead (I'm still trying to figure out the metrics) at Number 1, beating such old media as Computerworld, Forbes, and the The New York Times, and such new media figures as Dave Winer and Valley Wag.

I have to note, I see two things: high profile traditional media outlets and a lot of popular white tech guys. Where are the Michelle Arringtons? The Darla Winers? The Jackie Jarvises? The GigaOphelias? Dude, who moved my uterus?

I'm sure I'll be checking the Leaderboard from time to time, but it doesn't look that different from the Technorati Top 100 from a blog perspective. New boss/Old boss type thang.