April 24, 2003

bad girl bad girl, watcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you...

so I'm watching cops.

on fox.

If you've ever seen your job disappear, or have decided to leave it based on a really shitty offer they gave you to keep you around, you know that watching cops at 2 in the afternoon is not exactly evidence that you're healing from the trauma.

I hate cops.

I also hate all the daytime judge shows: judge hatchett, judge judy, judge joe brown, and that texas justice guy.

You can tell I've been watching those too, huh.


I've been pretty sick--legitimately sick with a sinus infection and more.

the more part is joblessitis.

joblessitis is sort of like SARS, but you live.

The symptoms are: watery eyes (too much TV viewing on a television that you can't afford to pay cable for, so you watch through snowy cabless reception), nausea (comensurate with arrival of bills in the mail), depression and despair (can you spell, a-l-o-n-e?), followed usually by catatonic rocking on the slab floor of the garage (realizing you have no where important to drive to).

I'm not sure when they'll come for this bad girl, but I'm pretty sure they'll come. Periods of my life have been a cops episode in training.

It's one of those things you console yourself with when you're feeling like a useless gob of human flesh: 1) I've never been in jail. 2) I've never been on cops. 3) I've never committed a felony. scratch that. I've never been caught committing a felony.

bad girl bad girl, what I'm gonna do? what I'm gonna do when they come for me?

I like the venacular of cops.

"MAN, stop runnin your mouth so much--just shut UP!"

you just don't get to hear honest human communication like that on American Idol. Or in the board rooms of most corporations.

"Jeneane, I'd like to add something here--Let me float a balloon and see what you think."

"No, MAN. Stop runnin your mouth so much--just shut UP!"

the fever is down, but i'm congested like a mofo.

more as my mind regenerates.

For other fine reading, I see RageBoy is taking himself seriously these days. ;-) Halley on the other hand, writes about donating her snow globes to science and the science of spanking.

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