April 21, 2003

Hello Goodnight

raw. tired. late night/early morning breathing treatments for jenna. the worst asthma flare up in a couple of years. still trying to figure it out. According to the pediatrician, who was actually into spending a lot of time checking her today--a new younger doctor--she has a sinus infection--a whopping one, he says. He had to do another treatment in the office--I'd just done one before we left.She was so tight she was coughing her head off. After the second treatment she told me, "Mom, before my heart felt all squished, and now it feels open!"

Anyone with an asthmatic kid knows what that means:

steroid time.


shoot me now. really. a quick one. the temple. aim well, please.

Got caught in the rainstorm on the way to fill the prescriptions, which of course, weren't covered because the insurance company hasn't gotten my checks yet. Krogers was nice enough to fill the RXs for half of the amount and add a refill. So when I go back to get the refill, we should (capital should) have coverage. That was a really nice suggestion. A bright spot in a shitty morning.

We shopped drenched.

Did the meds in the isle at Krogers. After the treatment at the pediatrician's office, and the steroid liquid, and the antibiotic, she felt so much better I agreed to let her to to school for two hours, at which time I would fetch her home for another treatment. She begged and pleaded to go to school. I thought maybe I could catch a two-hour nap while she was there.

We got to school, get drenched some more on the way into the building. Jenna has a melt down and wants to come home. So I bring her home with me. It's a good thing. She's already coughing again.

By now I've missed my interview with the unemployment office, because when you're doing it solo there's no one to take important phone calls, and when you forget your cell phone because your kid is wheezing, you're screwed. Not that I would have known what number to call anyway.

So now we're home. wet. getting undressed and going to climb into bed.

I hope for the next six years.

Do not disturb.

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