April 22, 2003

how much could my face hurt?

i think i know. i have jenna's sinus infection now. my teeth, my face, my cheeks, oh my teeth. ouch ouch ouch ouch. ooohhh.

in pain and going down for the night any way I can.

more when I can.

found antibiotic.


darvocet too

jenna whirling and speeding around me, high on steroids and albuterol,

and breathing just right again.

that matters more than anything.


in the pain
i feel
the absence of
white cotton sheets
hospital corners
cool and
ironed pristine crisp
folded back
to make a triangle
saying this bed
is just for you.

her welcoming arms
bring me
and ginger ale and
a spoonful of
to help me
not dream

how many times she
felt my head, brushed
my cheek
cold wash cloth
hot water bottle
easing the hurt

she sat
lightly on my bed
bringing perfume
and soft blouse cuffs
a kindness I could hardly

in my family
people paid attention
to the sick and the dying
sat vigils at bedsides
this is what we did

cracking pain
falling into
soft cotton
not knowing
how to be well
This is our legacy.

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