April 15, 2003

the kind of things I think about while I'm driving

I'm not saying this is normal. Understand that right off the bat. But I was thinking today as I drove Jenna to dance that if I started blogging obituaries for famous people who are still alive, and used all the right key words, like "Michael Jackson" "death" "found dead" "today" stuff like that, then by the time the famous person actually did die, I'd probably be the number one hit on google for people looking for information on the story.

And wouldn't they be surprised to see it had been blogged like five years previous.

Mind fuck.

In real world newspapers, one of the first jobs of newbie reporters is (or at least used to be) to write the obituaries. Although mainstream media has the templates ready to go for the untimely deaths of newsworthy celebrities, they can't go to print with them until event and template collide.

But I can.

Like I said... I'm not saying it's a good idea; it's just the kind of thing I think about while I'm driving.

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