April 14, 2003

Thank You

I just logged on to the Prescription Benefits site that I used in my last hurrah to fill 90 days worth of RXs for the 13 different medicines we take regularly, and some not regularly, and found that the order shipped yesterday--just in time to fall under the old (read: good) insurance, which means it just cost a lot less at $400 than it would have if they had filled any of them after the 15th!

Right after that, I rode the positivity wave over to the unemployment site to see if they had bothered to add me to the system yet (they hadn't last week), and there I was! Holy cow, certifying was a breeze. I don't know what any of it means, but I'm just doing what they tell me, one step at a time.

Just a little good news that reminds me someone's listenin'.

NOW I can go lay down and rest.

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