April 15, 2003

turn the paige

Just found Paige Waehner's weblog, and was immediately sucked in by the great writing. No kidding. Paige apparently kicks ass, not just as a writer, but as a fitness trainer too. I so much love when bloggers blog heart while they also manage to remain respected experts in their careers.

I used to have a career.

No, but really, read Paige. You'll find depth, abandon, sadness, joy. Then look at her published works on fitness. You'll find expertise, technique, control, professionalism. Which makes her, basically, a cool coconut in my book.

In other news, I turn the paige tonight in an hour and 1/2 becoming among the nations uninsured. Shelley tackled the issue recently with her usual sensitivity and insight. I hadn't thought of the even more pressing need for insurance in a time of a global disease pandemic, but Shelley reminded me.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to contact another broker about plans. In the mean time, while we're not really covered specifically, in the event of a catastrophe, we do have the right to pick up COBRA within the next 60 days. As long as we pay the back premiums at that time, which would be about $3K.

Likely. Not.

If anyone knows a great and honest insurance broker in the Atlanta area, email me please. The idiot I'm currently dealing with at BC/BS trying to get information out of is laaaame.

So many other stupid little things going on, I'd need a new blog just to list them. And since I'm too tired to start a new blog called "Stupid things we did today" this week, I'll be going to sleep now.

Thanks to all for the computer fund contributions. More news on that soon. I'm thinking seriously about that reconditioned Dell. I keep thinking about it. This is a good change for me.

Another thing I thought yesterday while I was driving, when I heard that BushCo were seriously thinking of spanking Syria was that before this is over it won't be an axis of evil, it will be an octogon of evil. RageBoy said he heard New Jersey's on the list too.

What rhymes with MOAB? Maybe that's what Paige says when she's fitness training: "MO AB! MO AB!"

I have sufficiently drugged and sleep deprived myself enough for one day.

say goodnight gracie.

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