September 16, 2003

annie, your doorstop's waiting for ya! Or, a post in which Jeneane goes in and out of the southern vernacular

Since RB sold my computer to Ann without my prior knowledge, and then offered to sell her our house as well, I thought I'd better pipe up before RB gives AnnC my kid. For free.

Annie, baby, the laptop's yours if you want it. The only thing is, it's broke. I mean bigtime broke. Once I put Macafee on it, it started actin up something perculiar (note, I'm switching into southern vernacular to appeal to the vernal in you). That there software damn did somethin nasty as a hound's tongue after a huntin trip, 'cause the bitch wouldn't even start up no mo.

In other words, first it wouldn't boot. NOW it won't even turn on.

Really, though, these are all features.

You blog less, you spend more time with fleshy people.

I hear that has its benefits.

So, if you want the dead computer Mr. Boy tried to sell you, you can have it.

Mehbe you got a-one-a them there handy men in yer neck-a-the-woods.

Of course you'll have to pay $14,500 for the 2001 Ford Escape that comes WITH the dead laptop.

It's a steal. Really. Email me for details. Your new laptop and SUV are waiting!

With love,
Bruner, You Pig!