January 12, 2004

Hey, hello, happy new year, how've you been?

That's how an indie networks. Yes, yes. These are the first weeks of the year, and it's slow as molassass around these parts, so Jeneane's puttin' on her networking shoes and saying hidey-ho to all the folks she ignored while she was so busy she couldn't see straight except to be crabby at night and fall fast asleep once her little girl was tucked in. Or blogging. Whichever.

There's nothing like checking in with the folks from whence you came to kick the new year into gear. And there's nothing funnier and more predictable than phone check-in's among the one-time laid off.

If you heard one end of the conversation, you'd hear something like this:

HELLO YOU! How are you? Happy frigging New Year! THANKS! Oh they're fine. Hanging in there. Too damn cold. What have you been up to? Oh it was busy--slow now. Yah, no kidding. Mmmhmm. Feels like August was. February's gonna suck. What do you have coming in? Daaaaag. I know. Heard from anyone at Ketchum? Is there anyone left? Ha ha ha! Oh shit. I know. Yep. Me too. Oh, no WAY! Yep. You too? Did you hear Drobis retired? Yah, well... That's for sure!!! He did what? She said what?! BLAHAHAHA!!!

Good for the soul.

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