January 12, 2004

tidying up the net--a blogspot amnesty program?

I was thinking today as I put the dishes in the dishwasher--have I mentioned our garbage disposal has been broken for a month or so? the perils of life in suburbia--anyway, I was thinking about how long it will be before we have to clean up after all the abandoned blogs on the net. Confess--even you've started blogs you don't post to anymore. Right?

I must have about a dozen. I mean to clean them up. I think about deleting them sometimes, but I'm attached to some of them. I like the names of some of them: humansfirst.blogspot.com, hyperlinkedmom, instapoet, webeyes. I like the templates I fiddled with on some of them. But there are at least five of them that I know I won't post to again. I don't need them. But I don't delete them either.

What am I waiting for?

I'm waiting for the blogspot amnesty program, like those gun amnesty programs when folks with spare firearms hanging around can turn them in, no questions asked, and get ten bucks or a certificate for a free pizza.

What say, google? When will you be ready to make it worth our while to tidy up your servers, the web, by turning in dead and abandoned weblogs? What if we narc on a friend--do we get two free toppings on our pizzas? Hey, I wouldn't complain.

Either that, or I'm waiting for ICANN to ad a .blog extension for domain names. I mean really, we have .TV for crying out loud. How bout a .blog?

Or might that be redundant in five years? Will every site be a weblog? Or will every weblog be a site?

Whatever happens, I'm hanging on to my dead blogs for now. I'm holding out for extra cheese, mushrooms, onions, and banana peppers.