January 16, 2004

Run around Sue

She was bigger than me in fifth grade and could punch harder. She was the only one who could make me wince from a punch in the arm. Buckle at the knees even. Sue. The only kid I was ever afraid of. She was a born leader. I wasn't easily persuaded as a kid unless it was to do something I wanted to get in trouble for anyhow. But when Sue said "this is what we're doing," then that is what we did.

We were more mature physically than our classmates. We both had our period in fifth grade. She showed me what tampons were and told me how to use them instead of cumbersome pads and belts. Yes, young ones, they didn't have stickum on the bottom 'back in the day.')

I lost touch with Sue once we moved to Virginia when I was 16. We moved back to Rochester a year or two later. I called her on the phone once, but we didn't have much in common anymore. Sue was still bossing people around and looking for trouble. I never ended up getting together with her.

I wonder where she is now. She was a born leader. Probably in some consulting firm someplace getting there early and staying late.

Maybe she's blogging.

Life is strange.