January 13, 2004

The World Will End in 23.6 Seconds

That's all I can figure. In reading and thinking today, I decided that the Deanies' rhetoric, phrasing, and tactics feel more like a high control group or cult than a campaign, I searched for Dean and Cult and found this article in the weekly standard (lower case on purpose).

I agree with it.

My life is a wash.

Shelley is right--the noise is too loud.

The day I agree with a two-page article in a conservative rag like the weekly standard is obviously the day I should start watching the sky for the grand finale.

It's okay. I'm ready.

Are you?

In the event that the world does not end in 23.6 seconds, and that Dean loses in November, trust me, there will be Nikes and Kool-Aid. I am ready to start a poll now on the number of building jumpers.

Proof to you that I've gotten very ill from all of this.

Talk about a double bind: dean or bush, dean or bush, battery acid or death by fire. There is officially no answer. Except to move. Far. Away.

If I live to see the 24th second after this post, I am going to go spend a good deal of online time here in Georgia's virtual library. With free books and free databases that reconnect me with the minds and words and voices of individuals. I took Jenna back to the realworld library tonight and came home with a tote bag of books. I'm so excited. There is something comforting these days about the static page. At least to me.

I'll see you in the stacks.