February 19, 2004

GD, Halley Kicked My Ass

I was trying out the new Yahoo Search, which generated about 16,000 hits on my first search, which was of course a vanity search. THERE on the first page of results, I find that someone set up a google fight between Halley and I, and she kicked my ass! Well, how do you like that!

Why is Yahoo serving me up a google fight with Halley on the first page of my search results anyway? This is ironic in oh so many ways.

I think I know what the Yahoo search engine is doing--it's executing a google search and simply delivering the results to us in reverse order within their googlish UI.

Takes long enough, huh?

Now onto the important stuff--I matched up "google search" and "yahoo search" on googlefight, and yahoo search WON.

These results clearly demonstrate that googlefight is hosed, and that I most definitely beat Halley.

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