February 20, 2004

social software - collective intelligence

The orkut "uncompany" community has taken to SocialText and with a go-get-em and welcome from Ross Mayfield, we're noodling around in socialspace talking about how we can bring together far-slung talent in an unworkplace to collaborate on some projects, or at least share some knowledge, and everyone's old fav, best practices, but, even better, some worst practices.

Four of us are also snooping around Project Desk, which lets four users on for free, and for now "trial" and "free" are words that we like to hear.

Look for updates as we get social out there in the social software universe.

By the way, I think social's a bad word for what we're doing. To me it rings of a debutante ball or an ice cream social or an online dating service. We're not being social. The software may be social--if software can be social--but what we the people want from this power loom that's weaving us all together isn't a way to get "social." We're not necessarily anti-social, although I think that some of us may be.

I have to think on this. When it gels, I'll post some alternative names for what this is. But I don't think social is it.

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