February 21, 2004

What are friends 4?

Jonathon stops by once in a while to remind me what I should be doing. He never says it outright--like, "what are you doing writing about all this social software shit--do social, don't talk social," no, he doesn't say it that way. He doesn't say, "be human, stop talking about humans." He's funnier than that. Instead he sent me a link to Unbillable Hours, which he'd sent before, but last night I dug into the blog; an amazing world, an amazing writer. He has the best "About" writeup I've ever read. This was the post Jonathon sent me a link to. In that post I read:

A recent conversation reminded me of the potential for legal education to change how I think. I never lost, as a result of law, that sense of enjoyment of the reckless and the beautiful, but I did lose a lot of my ability to think in a holistic, fuzzy sort of way. To think as I needed to in order to write poetry.

The message wasn't lost on me.

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