March 06, 2004

Conversation with Helene Cixous


"All people, poets and writers with whom I have established a relationship which weaves connections between us - they are all already determined in their antagonistic critical attitude toward their beginnings and family and national milieu. They are all deconstructionists, to use Derida's term. They are all rebels, though they might be pacifists; in some way, they are all fighters. Those are people who do not comply. There it is! And who, at the same time, are not powerless. And that is very important. They are not people whose whole value system could be defined as isolation in some aggressive position. They do not accept in life things that prevent love, as well as all orders and laws. Those are the people who resist law that is order. Because, in fact, their hope or their actions are oriented toward that which stands for greater quality of life, humanity, intelligence. Each of these persons, I have encountered in time and in texts with their special characteristics, passing through what I call a desert, deserts. Passing through almost empty spaces, and recognizing them suddenly, as light, while they were searching through what I was also searching."

....And this is what I feel in the space between posts. What I feel for you.