March 01, 2004

menstrual cramps in my knee

[[men click off to read JOHO.]]

What I did to my knee, I'm not sure. I cleaned today--I think that was it. And I'm being very bad about footwear, now that I'm addicted to cluncky clogs that make me several inches taller than theh 5'5 or so I am. But that means when you bend down to pick up (it had to be) 250 pieces of crap on the floors of this house, you're actually (I'm actually, I would have to say in group) bending lower than you would (I would), or even could, because the soles of your (my) clogs are like four inches above the ground (sea level).

So I think that had something to do with it.

I don't mind. I guess. But it HURTS SO BAD! I am not sure what one does to one's knee (my knee) by stooping down to reach lower than one is tall (I am), but if you can figure it out, and if you're a man, and if you've had this knee problem, then you know what it's like for your wife and/or girlfriend when she has her period, because it feels just like this, except expanded it up the thighs to the abdomen (abdomint, jenna calls it) and lower back.

So now we can all relate nicely to my pain, and advil isn't working.