March 02, 2004

Listen what the man said

I've been thinking about this a lot the past few days.

"Within a few years, thousands of quality news, entertainment, and information sources will spring up on the Internet, each serving a highly specific community of interest. Around many of these micro-media, a web of intercommunicating micromarkets will emerge in a band of spectrum invisible to conventional marketing. The stars of this new medium are just now emerging. Don't think Dan Rather, think Chaucer. Cervantes. Think Dante. Don't think Jerry Springer, think Rabelais and Shakespeare. Don't think George W., think Winston C. Don't think Oprah, think the Oracle at Delphi.

"Human beings have always discovered magic and magnificence within themselves. It wasn't created by media marketeers--they just saw an opportunity to make a killing. The magic was there all along. It still is."

--Chris Locke, Gonzo Marketing, 2001.