December 10, 2004

Got that itch

I want to go somewhere.

I wanna go!!!!

I want a vacation.

Jenna gets out of school next Friday for two weeks.


The thing is, where? I want it warm, I want a modest cost, I want to fish, I want to swim. Sounds like Florida is the nearest venture to offer all of that. Or is it? I want to see more of the south. I want to see Mississippi. Is there a beach there? Can you fish? Will we be lynched? Oh, how ignorant of me! (right?) I want to get a tan. I'm white. My teeth keep breaking. What's up with that? I don't drink milk. I think I need a calcium supplement. I mean, I'm not losing them. They keep chipping though. Which has nothing to do with a vacation. Unless of course the dentist mentions root canal. In that case, no vacation.

Check out this wonderful sounding vacation in Todos Santos, Mexico. The legendary Hotel California is there, except that the Eagles say their hotel was a metaphor. Anyway, this place sounds fabulous, but rustic.

I don't do rustic all that well.

Did I mention that?

So, please, your best vacation spots in the southeast? For fishing, beach, family-stuff, kids?

And, your favorite calcium suplements'd be a good thing too.