December 10, 2004

More about software

Oh dear. You know I need it. You KNOW I do. So how do I get it?

What's the cheapest way to get Photoshop, ya'll. I lost my, um, old version, um that was sort of on my laptop when the laptop crashed. Jeezelouise I just had to buy Adobe Acrobat Big Wig Version That Can Wash The Laundry in order to edit drafts already in layout for one of my clients. That cost like, oh, $400-something. I had to buy Microsoft Office 2003. I've had to buy and buy and buy and now I want a deal!

I have a graphic that just came via spam I'm just ITCHING to play with. It has uncle rageboy written all over it.

Any cheaper alternatives to Photoshop that Windows users love? I sure would like to know.