November 30, 2005


Thanks to the ton-a-yous who have been telling me to STOP worrying about what kind of camera I DIDN'T get and start posting some pictures, I've seen my way clear to take your sage advice.

You know, I like this new age of crisp digtal photos. I think I see more than I ever meant to. I still prefer the sound of vinyl for music, but I can get used to digital pix. And so, I give to you, the simple joy of what every child in the South would do, if they could do, on Thanksgiving day:

They like to jump and jump and leap for joy, and this they do AFTER their tummys are full of turkey and dressing and sweet potatoes and pie. This particular athlete and his sister are two of Jenna's best friends, and the trampoline lives at their house. This is the infamous trampoline upon which my dear daughter broke her wrist a year ago. She's much better at it now.

So jump and jump and jump they did until dusk fell like a cool mist upon their little reindeer games.

Then it was on dancer, on prancer, on donner and vixen, off to the bowling alley where we'd get a few trix in.

Hey, Jenna, is that gravy on your shirt?

Okay, and a bonus shot of me looking tired like I am this evening:

Next up, some impressive, deep photos of local cemeteries and more from a day in the life of this old mom.


misterorange said...

Very nice Jeneane, let the pictures continue!

Jeneane Sessum said...