November 29, 2005

Who can say they've been blogging half their life?

My kid can.

She started at 4, she's past 8 now.

Yes, so 2004 was a rough year. Perhaps it will become known as her dark period, her days of writer's block and a first-grade teacher who gave homework out the wazoo, but don't tell Jenna where or what a wazoo is. She's impressionable.

2005 holds much promise for her blogging prowess, since now she knows how to type herself, and she's even made her own amazon wishlist--I don't have to sign her in anymore to Amazon and thank goodness she has her own login [[one-click pony]] even though I think that's against the law, her being 8 and all.

Whatever. I'm pretty sure her posting will pick up some velocity as she enters her 8s.

She wrote about Thanksgiving tonight. I typed the post because it was past bedtime to say the least. But I was amazed when she decided to share something pretty personal -- the fact that she didn't make it through her scheduled sleep over on Thursday night at her friend's house.

Because she missed her mom.

"I missed my mom..."

That goes something like this at midnight:

Ring ring... "Hello?" "Hi momeee." "Honey, what's up--why are you crying?" "i miss you momeee." "Oh honey, I miss you too but it's time to go to sleep and I'm right down the road. I'll be there in the morning." "but momeeee i trieed (sniff sniff) four times and i can't do it--i can't sleep and everyone else is asleep and i miss you momee." "Oh baby it's okay, just relax and let sleep come to you, don't try so hard." "i did momeee i miss you pls canicomhome?"

Now the sleepover parents had to get up VERY early for work, or I would have probably made her stick it out. But as it was, Jenna was the only one awake in the house. So that made the decision for me. I had to go get her.

Oh who am I kidding, I'm not going to leave my kid crying herself to sleep at someone else's house; I would have gone and gotten her either way.

So I got her. And I let her know I wasn't PLEASED about coming out to get her, but that I understood. And that it would be a long while before we'd try this again.

Although, we had to go over there at 7 the next morning because I was time-sharing the kids with the other mom during the holiday week off school.

So that's what she's talking about in her post.

When she says: "I missed my mom. So my mom came and got me."

(and you know what: i missed her too.)


alala said...

Huh. My kids's been blogging since 2002 - not half his life, but a fair bit anyway - and I always wondered where the other kidblogs were. I thought he'd be interested to see what other kids blog about. I'll point him to Jenna's, thanks. Do you know of any others?

alala said...

p.s. oops. you may want to open that link in a bigger window...

Anonymous said...

Ice cream for breakfast? Jenna's got a cool mom!

misterorange said...

<-- Totally friggin jealous of your cool bloggin kid.

Jeneane Sessum said...

Oh. You. Guys. ! Hey, yes, Benjy, so I got four hours of sleep that night and had to drag her BACK over there to watch the kids at 7:50 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving, so when they circled the wagon at 8:30: "CAN WE HAVE ICE CREAM?!?!?" I said, "SURE! LET'S DO!"

And we did. Their mom is one who would have never let that fly, so I did it with a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye.

Alala, i shoulda known you'd have a bloggin' kid.

Orange--get a movin!

Anonymous said...

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