December 02, 2005

head-splosion, head-splosion, head-splosion!

Finally just finished working for the day. hmmm. started at 7:50 so that brings it in at about 18+ hrs and more work to do. I went out to office depot to look at headsets about 8 so that was a break. Bought one that I hate and am taking back--wish I'd seen Ken's comment below before going. Ken, is this the one you were talking about?

You're right--it looks really nice and not whimpy/twisty/all/flimsy at all. This one I bought tonight that sux-so-bad is the kind that goes behind the neck and over the ears and through the woods to grandmother's house and by the time the sound gets to my earholes, there's nothing to hear, PLUS, whose head is shaped like that: one size fits all, potato-headed, non-adjustable doo doo.

I think I might go for the real deal. Ken has never steered me wrong. Come to think of it, he's never steered me period, but he has been a fellow gonzoengagedite for a long while. And you never bite the hand that blogs you. Well, at least not more than twice weekly. Unless it's Dave Winer.

In the mean time, I found a $7 mic at Office Depot, and an old pair of headphones from my dresser drawer, and that combo worked okay for my i-m-p-o-r-t-a-n-t business call this eve.

Can I confess something I haven't done since we were giddy with blogging back in aught-two. I did a lettermanesque test to see if anyone else was in on the secret.

After picking up the headset, ink cartridges, a ream of paper, and the little mic which became a big life saver, I plopped the commerce down on the counter belonging to the young guy in the computer area to make my purchase. And I said to him:

"You know what? This is Web 2.0. Did you know that?" And I'm goofin kind of like, hey, let's play Net banter, blog with me real time in person, because you know I'm jazzed about my new stuff and the feel of the web right now.




He says "wha?" and then I know he doesn't know what the hell I'm talking about. Just to make sure I ask my girlfriend as she rounds the corner looking for me - "You know, it's Web 2.o right? I'm on Skype and talking business and have 8 projects due at once and I'm sure I'll be up til 3 a.m. SO--get it? That's what it was like the last time."

She said 'what are you talking about' first, but I could tell she was ready to go to Chick-Fil-A and thought I was up to my usual time wasting activities. All the computer guy said was: "I have no idea what you're talking about, but it sounds great."

Now, we can sit here and be old fuss-budgets who, of course, are right when we say things like: web 2.0 how stupid. what day did that announcement come out and how come i wasn't cc-ed, and how come no one woke me when 1.0 was over. SURE we can be like that because we are really good at not believing hype and spin, because THAT's why we spend time here in the first place, to get away from Empty Promises.

But even you old fuss-budgets have to admit that something's going on.

And it's feeling kind of fun.

And if we're not careful, we might get a little giddy all over again.


Ken said...

That's the one alright. I've had mine about 3-4 weeks and have been very happy.

DeanLand said...

3 zillion years ago I decided to learn Spanish. Costco was selling a cheapo "Learn Espanol on Your Computer" box (book, CD, and a headphone/mic doohickie) for almost nothing, and it seemed to be a Microsoft product, or one of those companies absorbed by the Evil Empire.

The program sucked. No habla any more Espanol now than then.

But the headphone/mic thing - GREAT!

Been using that alost exclusively for years now. Been Skyping for a long, long time, and use the same "Learn to Speak Spanish" headset/mic for that.

Such a deal!

BTW, was setting a friend up with skype last weekend, and saw a $5 Skype mic/headphone deal at Radio Shack, coupled with a Skype Out card -- looked like a good deal, for all of $5, how could one go wrong?!

Anonymous said...

I got an altec lansing boom-mic for about 20 bucks in the game headphones section of the local Staples. Had to choose between that and the Logitech entry which lets you choose different-colored earpieces.

Decisions decisions. Hey, this one was tough!

It wasn't USB, plugged directly into the sound card. On my laptop I use the in-built mic and the headphones I carry around, to prevent feedback. THat works too!