April 05, 2006

Big News for Qumana, Bigger News for Lycos

If there is something that can help rejuvinate the legendary Lycos' positioning versus The Newer Bigger Guys, it's today's news from Lycos re: Qumana:

Lycos, Inc. (www.lycos.com), a leading media destination for creators and consumers of quality content, today announced a new desktop blog editing tool, powered by Qumana, making blogging easier and more profitable for bloggers everywhere.

With the new Lycos-Qumana Desktop Blog Editor (http://lycos.qumana.com/), Lycos enhances the freedom of blogging, allowing users to publish to their Tripod and Angelfire Blogs on Lycos, as well as to other major blogging sites, from the desktop. Additionally, the Lycos-Qumana Desktop Blog Editor works with Qumana’s Qads, an integrated ad program, allowing bloggers to insert ads into their blogs, while revenue from these ads is shared with the bloggers.

In a landscape of hyper-acquisitions and VC bulimia, it's nice to see an old-school-netco-meets-web-2.0 alliance where both companies gain--and so do their end users, especially those million++ Tripod and Angelfire folks who now have easy access to a super-easy blogging platform.

More on the alliance on the Qumana blog and at Jeremy's place..

Cool cool news.

Pass it on: Lycos just got lucky. ;-)

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