April 04, 2006

congrats to the bubbleshare bubblewrap contest winners!

Check out the winning entries from our recent BubbleShare BubbleWrap Appreciation contest. You're gonna dig em. And they're pretty fond of BS too.

The Winner of the iPod Nano is Brandon of One Child Left Behind. I'm a frequent reader of One Child now and glad to have found Brandon's blog, and our other winners' blogs, through the contest. That's the best thing about being on this end of a contest--you get to find new folks to read that you might have never happened on otherwise.

Check out Brandon's take from his side of the contest. You sorta gotta know the guy. ;-) When Joey told me that Brandon had chosen "satiragram" for his free domain, courtesy of Tucows, I thought: Hmm, makes sense. Satire. Satiragram. Sending a telegram of satire. Nice. Depressing. Nice.

Wasn't 'til I read Brandon that i got why he really chose satiragram. heh.

And the guy never heard of Scoble til last week.

What all of that means is not the reason I'm ending this post with: If you're a photo buff or frequent photo sharer, BS's new Desktop BubbleBar is right up your alley. We did that weird thing-->put out a release on it. Which makes it easy for me to say: read more here!

BONUS LINK: I don't CARE if you've seen this already. RB sent it and he wonders if everyone over 12 has seen it but i don't think so BECAUSE I ALMOST WET MYSELF. SO watch it.

la la la la la la...