April 05, 2006

Let's see how we do... thanks to blogger support

Over the last two weeks, this blog has gone through more poking and prodding than a proctologist's girlfriend (i dunno, just let it go) at the hands of Jason and the gang at blogger.com technical support.

If anyone's blog would get the bird flu, it would be mine.

How fitting.

Seriously, allied came down with the malady the likes of which no one, with their high-tech eyes and MILLIONS of blogs, had seen before. I like to call it blogus interuptus. Readers would attempt to do their daily deed here and be abruptly  interrupted by a blank screen.

RSS worked. Feeds were fine. You could get to any individual page, but not main URL. In essence, mine became the first no-blog, RSS-only weblog on the net. No blog at all, just RSS. Nothing but feed. How slick is that?

Except I didn't want to be slick. I wanted my house back.

SO, Jason and his team have now done everything humanly possible, and then some, to get this place cleaned up and running. The next couple of days will tell a lot. I'll be on vacation, so blogging will be light. Hopefully, you'll still be able to get here.

And I want to thank the blogger.com/google folks for stepping up and trying to sort this out. AND for the folks that spoke up for me and this blog when it was broken.

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