February 26, 2007

for what it's worth...

...at the Y tonite i walked a mile, bicycled another half mile and lifted a bunch of weights.

and i'm going back in the morning.

in fact this is my third week of being totally serious about getting healthier, after my third month of being fairly serious about getting healthier, after a year of really thinking seriously about my health, after a decade of wondering how I got so unhealthy, after two decades of not playing football, spud, kick-the-can and riding my horse every waking moment.

life happens.

Just so that you, my dear readers, are fully informed, if this hard work doesn't make a difference, I'm going to buy a large and comfortable couch, glue my broad ass to it, bring with me 17 cartons of American Spirit cigarettes and a cordless phone to order out for food, and proceed to smoke WHILE eating new york style pizza, garlic pasta, and reeses pieces every day, all day, until i die.

so, you know, if you wanna toss a couple prayers my way, it couldn't hurt.