February 26, 2007


recover me recovery
i want to be recovered
so far I slipped away
good intention, an intervention
- how about some attention?
what would it take...

heal me sweet healer
i want to be healed
lay hands on me and pray
incantation, expectation
- how about an explanation?
what would it take...

you can't stand, you can't lie
truth to flame, your alibi
tell them what they want to hear
bring me inside
take me outside

remember me remember
i want to be remembered
shadow face to grey
Resurrection, inspection
- how about my reflection?
what would it take

surrender me surrendered
i want to be surrendered
shackles fall away
submission, permission
- what's your suspicion?

if i can't stand you can't lie
truth to flame, my alibi
tell me what I want to hear
bring me inside.
take me outside