February 27, 2007

You Should Have Unprotected Sex with My Blogroll Right Now!!!

It is THAT clean, and I mean clean.

I have validated, deleted, edited, moved and sanitized my blogroll to a degree that makes me deserving of some kind of medal. Bestow one on me, QUICKLY.

"The Gold Medal of Safely Screwable Blogrolls"

I am honored.

Go ahead, click through those links on my blogroll. If you find a broken link, or a link of someone whose blog has moved and I missed changing it, you get a $10 amazon gift certificate.


I mean, I had to change half of the blogs on my blogroll to new addresses. Now the OPMLey among you would say, "there is a better way," but I think everyone should have to scrub down their blogroll once a month. These aggregators are like factory farming -- hamburger without the bloodletting. Well, I like a good burger, but there is nothing wrong with tending a garden as well.

Now, if you are as full of metaphors as I am, I will excuse you and let you go have sex with my blogroll.

ENJOY -- oh, and leave me comments with links to more cool diverse voices to add to my newly screwable blogroll.