March 01, 2007

OMG, there's a SWITCH?

So, I've had this Acer that I love for like two years now. One day about two weeks ago, it stops finding the wireless network. In fact, it stops finding ANY wireless network anywhere. So I assume my wireless network card (wouldn't know one if i tripped over one in the street) is hosed, and I go back to my cat-5 cable connection to DSL, which renders me wired. JUST after I'd broken my bad habit of working in the bedroom, or more specifically, bed.

So today I'm scrolling through help files on Windows and I see this line, "make sure your wireless switch is turned on," and I'm thinking, what kind of stupid computers have a wireless switch, I mean, how goofy, why would you want a physical switch to turn wireless on or off, me, having lived a limited wireless life of only about 8 months.

Answer: My stupid computer, that's what kind! ALL THIS TIME, the wireless switch that I didn't know existed on the side of my laptop had somehow gotten turned off. I stared at it dumbfounded, slid the lever over to on, and LOOK AT ME! I'm de-wired!

Proving once again that web 2.0 brains must remain backward compatible.