March 15, 2007

so this pain i'm in and other stuff

right, i'm trying to get healthy--you know that thing i keep talking about--which has me beating the literal shit out of myself at the Y as frequently as possible. today i cried it hurts so bad. a lady there is helping me figure out what to do to make a difference before i either die or give up and hang myself from the bicep, tricep, glutes and quads torture machines. film at 11.

yesterday was a breakthrough whereby i did 25 minutes on the eliptical, followed by my regular workout. first time in that place i couldn't do 25 minutes at the water fountain. so there's something.

i don't like to talk about this stuff because it's all triggery, whereby i have this retro-ptsd type thing all tied up in with it, so generally if i start talking too much about it, i'll stop and hand over whatever progress i made to satan and whoever else is in charge of the Bad Shit.

I missed seeing Shakespierce and other friends at SXSW this year. Ack. Maybe next year. Tony's the hardest working guy in showbidness 2.0, and the best part is that he is who he is who he is, having fun all along the way, grown up enough to be able to write about it from the other side, still young enough for the 'it' not to kill him.

I am a little freaked by the facial hair, understanding that last year at sxsw tony was clean shaven. Athough, none of this really matters, but it does take my mind off of that pain i was talking about.

I love Tony's story about the panel hugh was on, and his take on what bugs him about kathy sierra's approach to the web, for example he says:

[[also on the panel is Kathy Sierra who seems superdooper nice but i disagree with pretty much everything she says. beginning with "don't say I too much in your blog" and "listen to your readers". no offense, and everyone knows that i adore my readers so much that sometimes i literally love them, but seriously, fuck the readers. write from your heart and if they get it good and if they dont let them fucking die. but seriously shes a sweetie and pretty much the womans touch of the blogosphere.]]

okay but tony if you say that approaching blogging HER WAY is the woman's touch of the blogsphere, i'm going to have to head butt you, you nimwit. you know better than that. don't make me kick your ass--i told you i am in PAIN.

nonetheless i remain your faithful fan and pupil.

So about the pain thing, I got this cream from my therapist, made by a guy down in bradenton florida, it's called Savannah Gold, and THIS SHIT IS GREAT. If you like that hoticynumbing cream that lasts and takes away the ouch, then cover yourself with this cream. there was a website on the label so i ordered three more jars. i'm telling you, i don't know what's in there that might not be listed, but forget that shaklee stuff i sell and get this cream. just three of the many ingredients listed on the site are:

Camphor: Derived from the wood of the camphor tree. It gives a cool feeling to the skin and works as a skin conditioning agent, antiseptic and anesthetic.

Capsaicin: Stimulant, biological product that relieves aches and pains of arthritis by intercepting the pain signals sent to the brain by inflamed joints.

Aloe Vera: From the leaves of one or more species of aloe, it is used to treat burns and mild abrasions-- a mild skin conditioning agent.

Time for my nightly application. No i'm not making money on the cream; it's just helping me not hurl myself down a flight of stairs.

Tony gets the prettiest girls, i swear!