March 16, 2007

tara talks twitter

tara tells why she loves twitter over on HPC. I commented on my on-again-off-again twitter relationship. When the soup kitchens start twittering, let me know. Maybe then I'll fall back in love again. In the mean time, keeping up with who's dining where makes jane a dull and hopeless girl.

My own personal twitter love/hate timeline is as follows:
  • heard about twitter: sept/oct 2006
  • my first twitter -- fell in love: november 2006
  • dinner and shopping twits hog the airwaves -- fell out of love: december 2006
  • added horse-head guy to profile, fell back in love -- january 2007
  • conference minions yammer on // scoble joins; there goes the neighborhood -- fell out of love: feb 2007
  • kat herding fun increases, fell back in love - march 2007
  • more bloggers affirm micro-attention preference, and i'm out of love again.
twit on.