March 13, 2007

Y blog Meet UP

why do i continue to blog, i don't have a clue, but i do know that it has something to do with caring about people, my friends, and rather than proving the contrary, being a bitch now and again proves that I do care, because if you dare to be a bitch, well, at least you are risking something, a smackdown, being perceived as an ass. Good. I dare you.

well, so, some of my favorite atlanta-and-southeast bloggers are getting together sunday, and as long as jenna's "oh my throat hurts" statement from this morning doesn't turn into full-scale-what-used-to-happen-before-tonsillectomy-because... we-still-don't-know-if-the-surgery-worked-really, we'll be there.

Jenna and I are up for the meetup, and George is hoping to stop by after a mid-day commitment.

hope to see you there. if you don't see me there, send heroine.