March 11, 2007

whatisthis radio silence

i am not sure why i have felt uninspired to blog.

you see, i read thru bloglines and every one in my aggregator is coming up short, posting about the same shit over and over. sorry if that pisses off the duly aggregated. i don't care where you're flying next. thank god for my blogroll. the news vs the new.

news is more and more the same -- web 2.0 dance, political and cultural zerohood.
new is art loss death scream -- joy floats.

i'm no fan of march. march is not my month. st patrick is a motherfucker, took my daddy and my grandma, patron saint of fuck off. march 17 disappeared me.

maybe that's it. maybe that's what has left me too empty to blog, too ordinary to care, too pragmatic to explode, to hurt to bandage.

holding down the fort.

like always.

need to soar to sing again need to slice and peel again, to feel again

but it's too big too real.

stop taking me down, march.