September 06, 2005

Bell South, If you're listening

Bell South, can you get some extra lines over to the Boot Ward Recreation center at Lost Mountain Park in Cobb County? Or Cingular, maybe some cell phones? How about some short-range walkie-talkies for the Red Cross workers? What up?

A volunteer at the gymnasium (where I'll be working next week some) where the red cross is stationed with evacuees says there are only 2 lines at the facility, and one is nearly always in use outgoing by the Red Cross. They're using the phone lines for the recreation center to operate a shelter for 200 evacuees. They really need a hub or voicemail that gives information on what kind of donations are needed, WHAT KIND AREN'T, and who/where/what/how to communicate information that's really important.

I'd really like to take my computer next week and help folks that are calling in who have housing (and folks there who need it) directly, real-time, using the site. But there isn't wireless available as near as I can tell, and I wouldn't be able to dial up with just 2 phone lines.

We can do better. More on how after I get my foot in the door. These are just some initial needs voiced by folks helping out there.