September 07, 2005

Oh, I almost forgot about them

From The Humanity Critic:
You know folks, I kind of feel sorry for Black republicans because you are running out of excuses to why you are one. You can't claim the whole "less government" argument because that flew out the window with this administration. Being against Affirmative Action is cute and everything, but being that Condi Rice and Clarence Thomas, two people against it, are beneficiaries of it kind of weaken your argument.(Colin Powell even said that he benefited from it, and is for it.) You didn't want to be a "tax and spend" liberal, OK, because now your dumb ass is a "tax and spend" conservative because of the actions of this administration.

I always think that black conservatives were abused, the same way you find out that a hooker was abused as a child, explaining a lot about the woman that she became, because there has to be some explanation to why you love someone that doesn't give a fuck about you. Did other black kids call you "Ugly" as a child? Seriously, you can tell me..