September 05, 2005


I signed up yesterday to volunteer at the shelter where about 150 evacuees are staying in Cobb County. I learned something through the process -- one thing that is really needed by the people displaced here: Walgreens Giftcards. Lots of them are just now getting prescriptions for their regular medicines, and with gift cards at pharmacies, they can get their medicines, along with a host of other personal health/hygiene items, crossword puzzles, etc., all in one place.

I hear we're getting another 3,000 people into Lockheed today. I'll let you all know anything specific I find out about what people need through what I find out. At the shelter where I'm volunteering, they said they are set for this week. But oh, the weeks to come, the cold weather that will hit eventually--a gym won't work then. And I'm wondering where the 3,000 who are flying in will stay? There are lots of offers on the moveon housing site. Maybe I can help hook people up with places. I can work a computer after all. ;-)

I look forward to talking to people, doing errands, helping clean up, serve food, whatever. I'm thinking of bringing my iriver in and podcasting some if they feel like talking eventually.