September 05, 2005

Our Part

I don't like insinuations that bloggers shouldn't be blaming the government and its lame human representatives because tens of thousands (FACE IT, IT'S MORE THAN THOUSANDS FOLKS) Americans are now dead. Most of the dead did not die from flooding. They did not die from wind. They are dead because of the complete failure of the systems we are taxed nearly to death to support.

On the contrary, then, I think we should be shining the light in every corner shewing out the inept and corrupt and just plain stupid, and if shewing out doesn't work, we treat them as "looters" and shoot them on sight.

But Shelley makes an interesting point on how quickly -- all at once in fact -- the status quo can catch up with us all:

I keep coming back to the knowledge that 1 in 5 people in New Orleans were so poor they didn’t have the means to evacuate. How could we let that happen? Not Bush, not Mayor Nagin, not FEMA or Governor Blanco. How could we have let this happen?

How? Easy: we let it happen. [[go read more]]