September 06, 2005

Irritable Male Syndrome?

No, I'm not talking about New Orleans officials--I'm talking about the new buzzword (and soon-to-be paperback on Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS). Otherwise spelled O.M.G.

I missed this when it came out in August. Where was I? You mean, there's help for RageBoy?

Apparently yes. The disease/syndrome/manifestation/manifesto typically strikes men (get the pun? strikes?) bewteen the ages of 15-28 and again between 40-55, when testosterone levels are fluctuating the most.

To find out if you have the risk factors that might make you an angry motherfucker, take the IMS test. (I wanted to write testy, but you know, it was too easy).

And if you take the test and believe you have IMS, which might lead you to buying Jed Diamond's book, realize that you have also just passed the stupid test with flying colors.