August 01, 2006

health and wellnesssss

So, jenna and george are playing Sequence downstairs just now, and I hear her ask him about acupuncture, which all of these years she tells him she has thought was pronounced acu"puncher" (or PunchHer in honor of BlogHer). She knew just enough to think it had something to do with punching needles in to your skin. Which, well, it sometimes feels like. But I get the idea she was imagining a hole puncher. Again...

George explained,"No, you see, what I get is called acupunCTure."

And she says, "Oh, you mean you get punked?"


In other health related news I am in a good holding pattern right now. I want to thank every one of you who have written in support, have shared your uterine loss celebrations, and have pledge helped when the surgery takes place especially if george is away. Weee! I appreciate it. When I get those overwhelming waves of, "but what am I gonna do about...." I go, "It'll be okay." At least this week.

I go back in three weeks for another ultrasound, and am busily focused on getting Jenna back to school on 8/14. Things in the uterine area have settled down--something that actually happened during the BlogHer chat. I'll spare you the gory details. Whoever has been praying or puncturing voodoo dolls in my honor, it's either working or not working respectively. Again, Thank You.

More later, I gotta go get punked.

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