August 04, 2006

all things gaaah

everything has to be done and i'm behind. i apologize to my lovely clients with whom I am nearly keeping up and adding value if you don't count the fuzzy brained responses to those tough conference call questions, like:

"Are you there?"


Even Nigerian spammers are starting to get pissed off because I have fallen down on my responsibility to not delay. I can't STAND letting them down.

take my wife, please.

i am having brain activity that i think is either close to a stroke or coma--right now words going through my head are assembled thusly: rackety taket too do you do dooo flow through and blue is the news take a cruise and don't lose, rah rah rah whoopie da da da.

Right--slap that in a post and click. See how 'pro' you look then genius girl.

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