July 31, 2006

BlogHer 06 Live Chat Recap

Those of us on the chat during BlogHer on Saturday had what I would say was a good time--mostly thanks to Denise who live chatted the sessions she attended. How amazing was she, navigating the conversation and relaying it to us.

She was our mole. Our liaison. Our tour guide into the real-time dimension of the event. Her live chatting skills should be patented. And, the rundown of the conference happenings on her blog -- the goods and bads -- are definitely worth a read. I for one want to say again: THANK YOU DENISE!

Next year I would suggest either we divide Denise into four people, necessitating the grafting of several more arms and hands (which I bet would be painful), or we have a designated chatter in each session. Each session could have its own chat window, which would let remote folks have the option of following more than one session at a time. How cool would that be? Also, if there were a way to keep track of some remote-chat questions (incoming) for end-of-session Q&As when appropriate, that would be great too.

In trying to follow the Live Bloggers for the event, I noticed several who either got too tied up in the activities or had too many connectivity challenges to actually live blog the sessions they were slotted to blog. Perhaps, since chats like Gabbly Chat have RSS feeds now, as much can be translated through live chats as through live blogging?

I didn't get all the chat transcripts (I think some morning chats are missing), but what I could copy and paste from the feed without taxing my aging laptop to death, I put into a BlogHer 06 Chat blog. Have at it.

You'll notice a substantive difference between the times Denise was with us giving us the rundown, and the times when chatters were left in the cyber-halls to talk amongst themselves. ;-)

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